All New Mummies Need To Read This Post


I don’t think I would be at all sane if it weren’t for my lovely group of mummy friends.

We met over three years ago now, at an NCT Pregnancy Yoga class. I originally wasn’t sure about doing it, as we were on a tight budget at the time, but we made it work as we knew it was important for me to have some pregnancy pampering. It was a lovely, relaxing class, and very informative. I remember looking around and trying to work out the other mums – Would I get on with them? We were all so different! We came from all over the world, and were all in very different professions. Most of us were brunettes, though! I had heard of many NCT groups continuing their meet-ups after their classes had finished. Could I have the same friendship with this group of ladies?

Turns out, YES.

As a new mum, you have a certain group of people who are there with you from the beginning. Your partner, your parents, family members, close friends, maybe even work colleagues. But, there is only so much you can discuss with these folk. For example, you’re unlikely to have a successful conversation with a work colleague about your baby’s pooping habits. Plus, there’s only so much that these people can relate to. Your mum, for example, may not remember what it was like to have a newborn if it was a long time ago. And, things have changed a lot over the years. In order to really fill that void, you need to have at least one friend who is going through the same thing as you at around the same time.

At first, I remember feeling a little nervous about going out with my first-born, and it took a while for me to join in with the other mummies when they had their regular get-togethers. Obviously, at that time, everyone was on maternity leave, so we were all available pretty-much all of the time. Now, that isn’t so much the case. Most of us have already had our second babies, or third in one case, and are already back at work. But, with that said, we can still manage a date or two every month where more than one of us are free, and we do try and keep Fridays aside for our Yoga Mummies meet-ups. Some of us have moved away from the area, some of us (me included) have been travelling around the world, but always returning home. But we always, ALWAYS, find time to catch up in person, with or without our 17 little ones (Yep, that’s correct. Collectively, we have 17 children between us). No matter where we have ended up, we are always there for one another. We have a well-used Whatsapp group, which has just surpassed the 1,000th image shared between the 9 of us! In it contains some completely bizarre and lengthy conversations about all sorts of subjects from poop to pop music, and everything in between.

Having my mummy friends has helped me through some really tough times in my motherhood, and I really can’t thank them enough for their kindness, honesty and support throughout these past 3 tumultuous years. Wherever I have been in the world, I know they are there for me, and that makes me feel very comforted. As much as I love my family, friends and partner, there really is nothing like having mummy friends. I urge all new mums to try and find that group of people that they can really talk to frankly and honestly, and feel that they are fully supported, and not judged, in their new role as a mother. I really don’t know if I could have coped without them. All those times when you think you’re failing, or you can’t cope, you can just have a proper rant and know that it will be met with sympathy and kind, sometimes very funny, words. It’s more than likely that at least one of your mummy friends has been through the same thing recently, and can offer some really specific advice. It’s amazing what you find out about each other, and it can make you feel totally normal in your supposed dysfunction.

So, trawl through the internet, find that prenatal class that interests you, and you may end up finding some friends for life, who will be simultaneously making your children’s friends for life.

And, finally, thank you, Yoga Ladies. You’re all invaluable. xxx

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