Mama Gon’ Write

Yeah, Mama’s getting on with the creativity!

So, this is finally happening. I am getting my writing on. I have all of the resources I need, and no more excuses to put this off any longer. My confidence is growing and I am feeling more ‘on top’ of things than ever before. I really feel as though I’m getting my sh*t together at last. Perhaps it’s the sudden realisation that I’m entering the last year of my thirties… Or, maybe, it’s because things are starting to settle down for us as a family.

So, I have booked onto some courses online, thanks to the wonderful resources and, who both provide some great free online courses relating to the fields I am interested in (There is something for everyone, though). I want to learn more about the media and publishing industries, as well as brushing up on my grammar, proofreading and creative writing skills. I would really recommend these websites if you’re looking to train in a new area, or even for a hobby. I didn’t even know such a thing existed until a week or so ago!

I am also working on a novel, which I have wanted to write for a long time. It has gone through so many different guises, but I think I have the right story now. I am studying a Start Writing Fiction course in my spare time away from the boys, and it is teaching me how to read (as in ‘spy on’) people around me, and write good characters. I’ve already used an old lady we encountered in Sainsbury’s last week! I look forward to seeing what else this course can teach me.

So, here’s to a lot more of my words being published in 2019… I hope!

NSG xxx

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